What is arbitrage betting

Surely if you are in betting long enough you’ve heard about arbitrage betting. These are bets where the player cannot lose money because he or she is able to bet on higher rates than the margin of the bookmakers. For this to happen, the punter should have accounts in several bookmakers and should be equipped with special software that enables him to monitor the changes of the coefficients for every match in real time.

How to perform the arbitrage bets? When a player has multiple accounts in different betting houses, it allows him to gamble for both possible outcomes of a match in higher than two rates. To understand this properly here is an example. Team 1 and Team 2 meet in a basketball game. At a certain point bookmaker A arbitrage bettingoffers odds for winning of team 1 of 2.05 and for Team 2 of 1.8. However, bookmaker B believes that the favorite for the meeting is team A and offers odds of 1.83 for a home win against the odds for win for the second team of 2. At that time, the punter can make a sure bet. He or she can bet on Team 1 with bookmaker A with odds of 2.05 and for Team 2 at bookmaker B with odds of 2.

Thus, regardless of the outcome of the game the punter won’t lose any money. If team A wins, it will be profit. If the winner is Team 2, he will return stakes.

How profitable are similar endeavors? This is the important question here. First, it can clearly be seen that although the profit is secure it is almost negligible. So to win real money it implies many bets. Many bets in turn imply considerable time which is spent in front of the computer. Of course there are softwares that will ease the work, but they cost a lot of money and won’t save much time.

Furthermore, additional problems are added because the bookmakers interact against such players and without hesitation delete accounts or refuse to pay winnings when doubting about arbitration bets.

All this makes the so-called safe bet not very profitable occupation in the long term. However, here is a video for a tool for arbitrage betting, which may be useful for you.

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Bet on Asian handicap

One of the biggest problems for those who love betting on football matches is the very specificity of the football game. A football match can finish with both a home win and an away win. Naturally, it can finish in a draw, too. These three options and possible outcomes make betting on football matches not so profitable. Thanks to the three possible outcomes the advantage of the bookmakers increases rapidly.asian-handicap

To deal with this unpleasant detail, we can use the so called Asian Handicap. It is designed to reduce the possible outcomes of a football match just to two.

There are several types of Asian Handicap offered by the major bookmakers. One of them is really simple. With it we give an advantage for one of the teams. Let’s say Team A will play with Team B on a home ground and the guests get a 1.5 goal advantage. It is shown as follows: Team B +1.5. This means that the bet on Team A -1.5 AK will be profitable only if Team A wins with two or more goals.

It is possible that this handicap can be a whole number. Let’s say team B +2 goals. In this case, if Team A wins by 2 goals, the bet will be returned. Only a win with more than 2 goals for Team A will be a successful bet.

More interesting is when the Asian Handicap is written like this: Team B (+1.5, +2). This means that the bet is divided to two parts. One part gives priority to team B of 1.5 goals, while the other goes to a two-goal advantage for the visiting team. So, if Team B loses by 2 goals half of the bet is a loser. This is the advantage of 1.5 goals. But the other half will be refunded as it is set in advance by 2 goals ahead. If Team B loses by 1 goal or even achieves a draw or win, then the whole bet would be profitable.

Asian Handicap is a very powerful weapon in betting and you may use and explore it, because it really gives an opportunity to reduce the advantage of the bookmakers.

More explanation about Asian handicap you will see in the video below:

Kryvbas Krivoy Rog and Dinamo Kiev

Kryvbas Krivoy Rog and Dynamo Kiev will play against each other in the first match of this round of the Ukrainian league. Dynamo is 100 percent favorite in this meeting and it has been so in Ukraine for many years. However Krivbas’s season started well with two wins before giving a difficult win to the other big favorite in the former Soviet republic Shakhtar.

The bookmakers betting sitenaturally declared very little chance of Krivbas to achieve something in this meeting. The odds of their winning are estimated at 9 and the chances for a draw are with odds of 5.

However, I would put my money on the hosts and will do it for several reasons. The first is that Dynamo have a meeting of the European League against Feyenoord away during the week. In the first match on Tuesday Dynamo found it hard to beat the Dutch with 2-1 after the Dutch team managed to score first in the match. There is no way the majority of the resource of the team will not be transferred to the important meeting that will bring fresh money into the team. I am quite sure that the minor league match will be put on the second plan.

Moreover Dynamo shows weak and shaky play this season. Indeed, the three achieved betting blogvictories in three meetings which is something to respect, but all three wins were very difficult with late goals and twists.

Krivbas also took two wins at the start of the season and even the minimum loss of 0-1 against Shakhtar could be called a prestigious one. We can say that their tactics won’t be to throw everything for a win against Dynamo. The largest team in Ukraine will also be satisfied with a minimal victory.

That’s why bet on victory for Krivbas with Asian handicap of 1.5 goals for the host. The odds for this prediction are 1.8 which seems to me perfectly acceptable.

More about Dynamo you will find in the video below