Bet on Asian handicap

One of the biggest problems for those who love betting on football matches is the very specificity of the football game. A football match can finish with both a home win and an away win. Naturally, it can finish in a draw, too. These three options and possible outcomes make betting on football matches not so profitable. Thanks to the three possible outcomes the advantage of the bookmakers increases rapidly.asian-handicap

To deal with this unpleasant detail, we can use the so called Asian Handicap. It is designed to reduce the possible outcomes of a football match just to two.

There are several types of Asian Handicap offered by the major bookmakers. One of them is really simple. With it we give an advantage for one of the teams. Let’s say Team A will play with Team B on a home ground and the guests get a 1.5 goal advantage. It is shown as follows: Team B +1.5. This means that the bet on Team A -1.5 AK will be profitable only if Team A wins with two or more goals.

It is possible that this handicap can be a whole number. Let’s say team B +2 goals. In this case, if Team A wins by 2 goals, the bet will be returned. Only a win with more than 2 goals for Team A will be a successful bet.

More interesting is when the Asian Handicap is written like this: Team B (+1.5, +2). This means that the bet is divided to two parts. One part gives priority to team B of 1.5 goals, while the other goes to a two-goal advantage for the visiting team. So, if Team B loses by 2 goals half of the bet is a loser. This is the advantage of 1.5 goals. But the other half will be refunded as it is set in advance by 2 goals ahead. If Team B loses by 1 goal or even achieves a draw or win, then the whole bet would be profitable.

Asian Handicap is a very powerful weapon in betting and you may use and explore it, because it really gives an opportunity to reduce the advantage of the bookmakers.

More explanation about Asian handicap you will see in the video below:

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